These Fabulous Places In
The World Are So Cheap You
Can Actually Live Like a

You may never get rich working a boring 9 to 5 desk job in a state like Florida or New York. But if you come to one of these 8 places around the world, your buck alone could be worth a lot more, allowing you to afford a lifestyle that will make you feel really rich.

Chisinau, Moldova

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Chisinau is booming with an active nightlife, huge shopping malls, friendly people and three national museums. Oh and Wi-Fi is everywhere in the city and it's free. Public transportation will set you back about $6 a month and a one bedroom apartment will cost you $270 a month more or less.

Bucharest, Romania

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The energetically beautiful European city is surprisingly affordable if you're interest in living a rich Bohemian lifestyle. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $450 a month. Public transportation is cheap and the most you'll spend for two at a regular restaurant is $22. Oh and a half liter bottle of domestic beer is only .80 cents.

Bali, Indonesia

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You can rent a one bedroom apartment for $300 USD a month in one of Asia's most heavenly cities. The local beer will set you back $1.60 and a bottle of wine will only cost $12. Plus you get to explore mystical temples, dramatic volcanoes and seaside cliffs that are breathtaking. Already packing your bags?

Corozal, Belize

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This is the perfect place to chill and do some yoga. The beaches are stunningly beautiful. You can even hire someone to clean your property for about $15 USD a day. Real estate isn't as expensive here and you can rent a one bedroom apartment for about $190 USD a month.

Alicante, Spain

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Alicante has fantastic museums, incredible beaches, mountains, and great food. It may be one of the best kept secrets in Europe. A 2 bedroom apartment costs about 766.96 USD a month. The minimum wage is 858.67 USD monthly. So you will be able to enjoy a great climate and quality of living and simply live with as little as a $1500 dollar salary a month as a freelancer and voila! Talk about living the life!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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If you're planning on buying property in Puerto Vallarta's 5 areas, the Marina, Hotel Zone, Centro, Old Town, or Mismaloya, expect to spend more than $55,000 but it's so worth it. You can also rent a one bedroom apartment for $450 USD a month. It's beautiful, quite accessible, and a perfect spot to retire.

Mendoza, Argentina

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If you're interested in starting a business then look no further than the city of Mendoza. The cost of the Argentine peso has plummeted since December 2015. Your dollars convert quite nicely in this city that has incredible wine and mountains. So if you have dollars to spend, you can rent a place for $380 dollars, eat cheap food, shop and enjoy a comfortable rich-like lifestyle in one of the most beautiful South American countries.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Everything is very affordable in Chiang Mai and the people here are extremely nice. The weather is warm and you can definitely stretch your dollars really far here. A one bedroom apartment will cost you approximately $250 a month, which allows you to splurge on the food and merchandise that this magnificent city has to offer.