These Female Bodybuilders
Steroids! Nope. They SOOO

We all know women are strong. But some women want to look as tough on the outside as they feel on the inside. So they resorted to steroid use … lots of it. AND WE MEAN, A LOT. Here are 8 bodybuilders and their shocking transformations.

Brigita Brezovac


When the International Federation of Bodybuilders recommended that she become a bodybuilder, the Slovenian beauty underwent an incredible transformation thanks to steroids, which placed her in the Miss Olympia Competition's top ten.

Monica Mollica


The Swedish bodybuilder went from lean to a Schwarzenneger-type muscle machine through the use of dieting, supplement consumption and of course, steroids.

Candice Armstrong


Armstrong had body dysmorphic disorder so she began exercising and taking a steroid called Trenbolone. She not only got addicted to it but she began undergoing an unforeseen gender transformation, including facial hair and male genitalia.

Alina Popa


This Romanian International female bodybuilder ranks in top 6 as one of the bulkiest females. She even finished second in the Ms. Olympia competition. And she could kick anyone's a*s!

Heidi Krieger


The East German bodybuilder was given steroids by her coaches back in the 70s. This was a government sanctioned practice because they wanted to win the Olympics. She was misled into thinking it was a supplement. She had a sex-change operation inspired by what she claimed was the steroids.

Denise Rutkowski


For the Texas native, steroids were a gateway drug that helped her win a bodybuilding contest in 1993. But it ultimately got her to use other illegal substances which got her caught and arrested in 2012.

Mimi D'Attomo


Mimi mixed beta blockers, insulin, diuretics and steroids to win bodybuilding competitions. But once she realized how dangerous they were, she stopped, resulting in weight gain and depression. It took years for her to recovery.

Joanna Clare Thomas


She was the youngest woman to win a bodybuilding competition at 21 years old. It took a lot of painful training to get her to qualify for the Miss Olympia competition and that included a lot of steroid use. In 2005, she released a documentary called Supersize She, detailing the experience.