These Food Fails Might Just
Break Your Heart

Food can be as comforting as a nice hot massage … unless the preparation process goes completely awry. Here are 9 food fail pics that will leave you disgruntled and hungry. The horror is real, so be careful, these might break your heart!

Broken Oreos = Broken Heart


When you open a bag of Oreos you expect a whole cookie, not a cookie that has a missing or crumbled half. Nabisco prices Oreos way too much for this to happen.

Same Product, Three Bottles


You seem to have the recessive fridge hoarder gene. You keep buying new bottles of the same product but you never finish the old one and throw it out. Then you wonder why there’s no room in your fridge!

Oh No! My Pizza!


Aww … well that sucks. And you were so looking forward to it. I guess you’ll just have to order from Domino’s or Papa John’s ... and you know, use a pan under the dough when you cook it!

Break-Off, Not Bite Off


It looks like someone hasn’t seen the Kit-Kat commercial … like ever. You’re supposed to break a piece off that Kit-Kat bar, not bite off a chunk and destroy humanity with a simple bite.

It Won’t Open Right


Aluminum apple sauce lids can be such a pain in the butt to open. They either won’t open at all or they’ll tear like this. You might as well get a knife and cut around the rim of the cup.

Tough Butter


You woke up this morning with the hope of enjoying a nice warm piece of toast with smooth butter spread on top. But the smooth part went out the window because the butter is hard as ice. What a GREAT way to start the day!

Barbecue Gone Wrong


They said you couldn’t do a barbecue and they were right. Your green and red peppers are burnt and that thing you put in the aluminum foil looks like it will be painful to clean.

Microwaving The Non-Microwavable


This is what you get when you put a product or a container that is non-microwavable into a nuke box. You’re lucky the whole house didn’t burn down.

Peel Gone Wrong


Oh darn! The bananas peeled themselves. Now you have no choice but to beat the clock and eat them before they spoil and turn brown. Next time, leave the bananas in a bowl instead of that contraption.