These Gifts Make Long
Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships suck. But there are a few things that make them bearable like the comfort of knowing that the sacrifice of being apart is for a good reason and that eventually it will all be worth it. It's just a matter of time. Meanwhile, you can give each other the perfect gift to make the distance seem a whole lot shorter.

Keychains With Coordinates

keychain-coordinates-long-distance-relationship Credit

These lightweight solid aluminum keychains can be customized with the latitude and longitude of where the love of your life is currently living in or the coordinates of the place where you had your first date. So if you ever get lost all you'll have to do is follow the coordinates on your keychain to find your way back to your true love.

THE U.S. Map Pillow

US-map-pillow-two-hearts Credit

This pillow shows the location that you and your special someone are in on a U.S. map. It's not exactly like having them next to you when you go to sleep but the symbolic gift is the next best thing. Oh and you can add a personal message on it as well. So when they miss you they can look at the message, hug the pillow and cry with longing.

Countdown Clock

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This is the perfect gift for a long distance love. Just set it to a specific date, like the next time you two are planning on visiting each other or a countdown until you're both reunited forever. Some might find it sheer torture to stare at the clock but at least you'll be able to see in real time as you come hours, minutes and seconds closer to seeing each other again.

Dog Tag And Ring

I-carry-your-heart-with-me-dog-tag-ring Credit

This intertwined dog tag and ring set is perfect, especially if the love of your life is in the military and being shipped abroad. The dog tag is made of sterling silver and slightly smaller than a traditional dog tag. It also has a heart shaped ring made from the dog tag's missing piece.

LDR Themed Clothes

LDR-themed-t-shirt-left-my-heart-in Credit

You can now wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak. It's the ultimate demonstration of your love and shows just how badly you miss your significant other when you wear an LDR themed shirt like this one. Everyone on the streets will be calling you a hopeless romantic.

Dual Time Zone Necklace

dual-time-zone-necklace-long-distance-relationship Credit

This antique looking gift allows you to set one clock to your time zone and the other to your significant other's timezone. It's not only practical so you don't accidentally call them at 2 a.m. and wake them up but it's very romantic too.

I Miss Your Face Chocolates

I-miss-your-face-cubic-chocolates Credit

If you're looking for chocolates that get the message across then you should totally order these. Not only is your significant other getting a tasty cubic chocolate treat, but also a reminder of how much you miss them.

A Ticket Collage

travel-ticket-collage-long-distance-relationship Credit

Rather than having all of your train tickets, plane tickets or gas station receipts lying around the house, turn them into a ticket collage. It's artistic and sentimental and will symbolize just how much you've both been willing to go through in order to see each other.

Love Mugs

LDR-mugs-hearts-different-states Credit

Get this 11 oz mug that you can drink your morning coffee in while reminding you of the love you share with a significant other. The hearts represent the two of you and the town, city or state you're both in. Some companies will even let you do other countries and provinces.