These Letters To The Tooth
Fairy Will Have Parents
Laughing For Days

As far as kids know, the tooth fairy is real and her job involves breaking into a lot of homes and exchanging fallen teeth for cash. But these kids have some major expectations and some of them are downright bossy in these hilarious letters.

Where Are You?

tooth-fairy-forgot-pick-up-tooth Credit

Uh-Oh! It seems like the tooth fairy has been slacking on the job lately. This kid is hopping mad that she missed picking up her tooth two nights in a row. To add emphasis to this disgruntled kid's letter they used a red marker to demand an immediate pickup. Their parents are probably already afraid of their future teen rants!

The Cleanest Pickup

fallen-tooth-brushed-clean Credit

This little girl is really trying to impress the tooth fairy with a wink wink here and a wink wink there. Oh and let's not forget the fact that she brushed her fallen tooth clean so that it would smell nice. This kid is in the details!

The Billion Dollar Letter

tooth-fairy-letter-give-me-one-billion-dollars Credit

Damn this kid's bold! We're not exactly sure what the tooth fairy's pay grade is but we're pretty sure that she doesn't have nearly that much money or this kid wouldn't be asking for it.

The Pixie Dust Exchange

tooth-fairy-letter-bargaining-pixie-dust Credit

We've all dreamt of flying like Superman or Peter Pan and since the tooth fairy is in fact a fairy like Tinker Bell, this kid decided to ask for pixie dust in lieu of money so he could fly. Nice try buddy. It's certainly a clever bargain.

The Girl Who Was Owed

tooth-fairy-late-giving-kid-money Credit

Little Annisa is royally pissed because the tooth fairy seems to be holding back on the money she owes her. Fortunately she knows who's in charge here and is trying to be tact but forceful in trying to get her money. Good luck kiddo!

For A Good Cause

tooth-fairy-one-hundred-dollar-letter Credit

A hundred bucks is a lot of money but this kid isn't asking for it for himself. He's doing it to raise funds for a bowling tournament to help orphans. This kid better not be lying because his parents will know if he's trying to trick the tooth fairy into giving him extra cash.

The Art Of Negotiation

tooth-fairy-letter-75-25-10-bucks Credit

This kid's like an auction in reverse. Instead of negotiating for a higher number he's dropping from 75 bucks to 10. He definitely knows what he wants but he's at least giving the tooth fairy some breathing room in this negotiation.

Left It At Grandmother's House

left-tooth-grandmother-house-give-me-money Credit

For a child, leaving a tooth behind on the night that they are supposed to place it under their pillow can seem like the end of the world. But stuff happens and this kid tried explaining it to the tooth fairy and asked if she's still dropping off the dough.

The Lost Tooth

lost-tooth-diagram-drawn Credit

Kids lose things all the time, especially a tooth that's just come loose in their mouths. They could have swallowed it or dropped it. Who knows? But this kid drew a diagram just in case and asked the tooth fairy not to be mean about it. Will the drawing be enough evidence for her to finally track the tooth? We might never know.

Leave It Alone

leave-tooth-alone-give-me-money Credit

Life is always a game of give and take. But this kid doesn't care. He not only expects the tooth fairy to give him money but also intends to stiff her on the tooth she's supposed to collect. Sorry buddy, no one works for free … not even the tooth fairy.

The Busted Tooth Fairy

tooth-fairy-letter-mom-busted Credit

This kid seems awfully certain that the tooth fairy is none other than his mom. But just in case it's not he added as much info about himself as possible from the grade he's in to his age and even the type of tooth that fell off. We wonder if he tried confronting mom to clear things up.