These Mega Hacks Make Life
So Easy, I Wonder Why We've
Never Heard Of Them

We learned a lot in school when we were growing up. But most of our overall knowledge comes from things our parents or friends have taught us. Of course television and the internet may have played a role, but here are 9 things you were probably never told but will be shocked at their existence.

Medical Amnesty For Drug Overdose

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In 22 States across the U.S. (including D.C.), there are medical amnesty laws in effect guaranteeing that someone who may have overdosed on illegal drugs and called 911 will not get arrested after they recover. This is to encourage users to seek treatment for their addiction down the line.

Don't Sweep Mouse Poop

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If your apartment or home is prone to regular visits from mice or rats, pay close attention. The CDC is urging you to spray mouse poop with bleach and water before you sweep it. This will prevent poop particles, which may contain the Hantavirus from dispersing in the air and making you sick.

Relieving Lower Back Pain

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The next time you feel lower back pain because you've been working on your feet all day, try squeezing your butt muscles. This will cause your pelvis to rotate away from its anterior tilt, causing your back to flatten and releasing the stress on your lower back.

Free Taxes

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Before you go and spend loads of money in places like H&R Block this upcoming tax season, you should know that if you earn less than $50,000 a year, you don't have to pay a dime to get the paperwork done by April 15th. In fact, VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), which is sponsored by the IRS itself, will help you file free of charge.

Discarded Food Items

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Have you ever picked up a fruit or packaged meat at the supermarket and then thought, "Nah! I don't want this." So you just put it back but not in the place you got it from originally? Well guess what? Most supermarkets will throw away any items left behind in the wrong spot out of fear of cross-contamination.

Discussing Your Pay

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Whenever you're hired or successfully renegotiate how much you get paid, your boss or HR will warn you not to discuss your salary with other employees under penalty of termination. But it's actually illegal for them to fire you. They only threaten you with this because they're probably paying some poor sap a lot less than they deserve to save money.

Was Your Account Compromised?

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If you feel that your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or e-mail has been hacked you can actually go on a website that will detect if there is any kind of evidence that shows that your account has been compromised.

Lost And Found

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If you ever find someone's driver's license, ID, keys, or wallet, just drop it into the nearest mailbox. The U.S. Postal Service will return it to the owner so long as there's an address attached to it. Australia and Europe also offers the same service.

The Right Way To Park


Whenever we park our cars on an incline we often shift into park and pull the parking brake afterwards or not at all. This is actually bad because the car is basically putting all of its weight against the transmission. So remember, before shifting into park, engage the parking brake first.

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