These Strange Diseases
Prove You're Not The Only
One With Problems

If you thought you had problems, wait until we tell you about 8 of the world's strangest diseases. It's a major eye-opener for those of us who thought having migraines was 'the worst' Hypochondriacs beware! Some of these are enough to make you panic.

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

Alice-Wonderland-Syndrome-objects-smaller Credit

This disorder messes with people's ability to perceive the size of their bodies and other objects, hence the name. So sometimes you'll feel like your body is expanding or the room is shrinking, even if you didn't eat or drink from something that says "Eat Me" or "Drink Me".


man-walking-road-alone-carrying-bags Credit

This psychological disorder makes sufferers want to travel. That in itself isn't really the issue. The problem is that they often leave their friends, their husbands or wives and even their jobs behind to start a new life somewhere else. They'll even change their identities.

Fregoli Delusion

United-States-Tara-multiple-personalities Credit

Think of it as multiple personalities but in reverse. You actually think that a variety of different people, some of which may be perfect strangers, are actually just one person disguising themselves. So a lot of people with this condition end up striking conversations or continuing old ones with people they don't know simply because they assume they're someone they know.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

man-fire-coming-from-mouth Credit

This condition defies explanation. Those afflicted literally feel a burning sensation in their mouth. But when they go to the dentist or the E.R., doctors can't figure out what's wrong with them. Now that's weird.


Face-Crowd-Milla-Jovovich-movie Credit

This condition can happen as a result of an accident and can rob the person of the ability to recognize a "Face in the Crowd" like the 2011 movie with the same title starring Milla Jovovich. So sometimes the person afflicted will need to rely on things like a beard, a scar or a style of clothing to recognize a friend or a loved one.

Alien Hand Syndrome

kid-alien-hand-syndrome Credit

Sufferers of this neurological disorder will find that their hands seem to have a mind of their own. They move, shake and reach out to grab something or someone even if they had no intention of doing so. Oh and if that wasn't scary enough, some people have even reported waking up and finding that their own hand is trying to choke them to death.



If you thought that having your skin turn blue like "Beast" on X-Men required some kind of genetic mutation, guess again. People who are exposed to high levels of silver end up with Argyria which causes blue skin but they don't increase in mass or develop superhuman strength. Bummer!

Capgras Delusion

Supernatural-Dean-shapeshifter-dead Credit

Do you ever wonder if your family or friends aren't really your friends because they've been replaced by clones or taken over by aliens or some supernatural force? Well if you do, you might be suffering from Capgras Delusion, a condition that makes you think that the people in your life have been replaced by imposters.