These Unbelievable Stories
Prove That Real Life Is
Stranger Than Fiction

These stories will read like fiction but they're actually all true. In fact, some cases are so weird that you'll swear that these people stepped into the Twilight Zone. Others simply make for some rather interesting and unbelievable stories, proving once more than real life is so bizarre, you don't actually need sci-fi or fantasy stories.

The Phantom Killer

Phantom-Killer-Texarkana-Arkansas Credit

In 1946, the Phantom Killer stalked the citizens of Texarkana, Arkansas like a deranged Jason Voorhees by torturing, sexually assaulting and killing people. Only three out of eight victims survived and he was never caught. Ironically, his M.O. is similar to the Zodiac Killer but no connection between the two was ever found.

The Wreck Of The Titan

Titan-Titanic-wreck-novel-similarities Credit

In 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote a novel about a ship called the Titan which was deemed unsinkable but got struck by icebergs and sank in the Atlantic Ocean in April. Ironically, the story is virtually identical to what happened to the Titanic 14 years later.

The Nightmarish Gay Cruise

gay-cruise-passengers-muscular-men Credit

The company Bel Ami was promised that 11 of its attractive models would get free cabins, food and safe passage on a 7-day Mediterranean cruise in exchange for entertaining the passengers on a gay cruise held by RSVP Vacations. But when the models proved too much of a distraction, the company stranded them in war-torn Tunisia with no way home.

Breaking Bad

Walter-White-Breaking-Bad-real-life Credit

On the TV show, Walter White is a terminally ill teacher who starts making and selling meth to ensure his family is financially stable when he dies. Well in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a man named Walter White was wanted by the law for producing and selling crystal meth. But that's about where their similarities end.

The Woman Who Searched For Herself

missing-woman-joins-search-party-for-herself Credit

When a tour bus stopped by the volcanic Eldgja Canyon in the southern Highlands of Iceland, a woman changed her clothes and freshened up to the point that no one recognized her. Her fellow tourists began a search on foot and with vehicles for the missing passenger. But after hours of searching, they discovered the woman they were looking for was among them the whole time.

The Accidental Court Suicide

Clement Vallandigham-lawyer-accidentally-kills-himself Credit

In 1871, Clement Vallandigham, a lawyer, was defending his client, a murder suspect, by proving to the court that the victim could have committed suicide by accident. In fact he did it so effectively that he ended up dying from an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound. On the plus side, his client was found not guilty.

Curing The Black Plague

Black-Plague-chicken-feathers-plucked-cure Credit

When the Black Plague struck Europe, people did just about anything to rid themselves of this terrible illness. So people resorted to cutting open any sores in their bodies and staying in bed. But in some cases, they plucked chickens of their feathers and pressed their bare anuses against the sores.

Firefighters Used Jet Fuel Instead Of Water

firefighters-fight-fire-jet-fuel Credit

During a mock-up of a plane crash for a training exercise, firefighters pumped jet fuel into an already volatile fire instead of water, making things much worse at this North Bend fire training academy. Investigators believe that the oil/water separator that reclaims used water for training exercises tainted the water supply with jet fuel, causing this explosive incident.

The KGB Kidnapping Conspiracy

Emanuel Zeltser-NY-attorney-kidnapped Credit

It sounds like an episode of Alias but Belarusian Oil Company under the direction of dictator Alexander Lukashenko conspired with the KGB to abduct Emanuel Zeltser, a NY attorney and Vladena Funk, a freelance journalist in an attempt to influence foreign policy in the United States.