These Unsolved Valentine's
Day Crimes Will Murder Your

Valentine's Day isn't just about heart-shaped candy boxes, flowers and teddy bears. For these people, the holiday that was meant to celebrate love was marred by tragedy and murder. These cases make the film My Bloody Valentine seem like a PG 13 movie.

Billy Trimbach

Wiggins-Colorado-murder-scene-body-found Credit

In 1992, Billy was shot and killed on the side of a road on the outskirts of Stoneham, Colorado. Investigators believed that his wife of one year, Cindy may have been responsible given that her car showed evidence that Billy's body was there that night and she stood to collect $500,000 from his life insurance policy. Cindy and her 10-year-old son James from another marriage, moved to Butte, Montana and the mystery of Billy Trimbach's murder remains a mystery.

Julie Valentine

Julie-Valentine-Sears-canister-vacuum-cleaner Credit

The morning before Valentine's Day, Glenn Hayward discovered the dead body of a newborn girl inside a vacuum cleaner box in a field behind a local mall in Greenville, South Carolina. Cops were never able to discover the child's true identity so they named her Julie Valentine. The autopsy showed that despite having been left with her umbilical cord and placenta attached, she had been fed before being left to die.

The Rundle Family Murder

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On February 14th, 1985, Cassandra Rundle's 2nd ex-husband paid her a visit to give her a record album and discovered that she had been stripped, tied up, raped and strangled to death. He also found that her 10-year-old daughter Melanie had also been raped and killed along with her older brother 12-year-old Detrick. An ex-soldier on death row named Philip E. Wilkinson was a person of interest because his M.O. was similar to the Rundle family murders but no evidence ever linked him to the case and the killer was never found.

China Rose Sims

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In 1988, David Sims met and married China Rose, a woman 20 years his junior while on a trip to the Philippines. He took her back to England where he allegedly became abusive. Then in 1993 on Valentine's Day, China vanished shortly after attending a party. But so did David. Years later, cops learned that David had asked a man named Geoffrey Paston to sell his Southend home. But there's no way of knowing if David killed China as cops were never able to find him.

Maureen Fields

Maureen-Fields-Keith-Wayne-Holmes Credit

Maureen was having trouble with her husband, Paul Fields. So it didn't shock her coworkers when the Wells Fargo Bank employee went missing. A day later, her car was discovered in the Mojave Desert. Inside the vehicle were several of her belongings including a pair of pantyhose which contained male DNA. There was also a blanket on the ground which suggests she was sexually assaulted. In 2012, DNA testing matched the bodily fluids with those of convicted sex offender Keith Wayne Holmes. He claimed the sex was consensual but investigators could not get enough details. Holmes died two years later in prison.

Marilu Geri

Marilu-Geri-unsolved-murder Credit

In 1986 on Valentine's Day, Stephen Geri of Houston, TX asked Marilu's mother to go to his house to help his wife prepare for a party. When Maria Serrato, walked into the house, she found that her daughter had been shot four times. There were no signs of a break-in so Stephen became a person of interest in the murder. He had apparently taken out a $400,000 life insurance policy on her. While not officially charged, Marilu's parents sued Stephen to prevent him from getting the insurance money. Both parties settled out of court. But Marilu's murder was never solved.

Nicholas Kunselman And Stephanie Hart

Subway-shop-empty-lights-left-on Credit

15-year-old Nicholas worked at a Subway sandwich shop in Columbine, Colorado. At 1:00 AM on Valentine's Day, another employee was driving by the shop and saw the lights were on. When he went to investigate he found that Nicholas and his 16-year-old girlfriend Stephanie had been shot to death. It's believed that the shooting was drug-related given that no money was stolen. But to this date no one has found the guilty party.

Jodine Serrin

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In 2007, Lois and Art Serrin went to visit their mentally disabled 39-year-old daughter, Jodine at her condo. But something didn't feel right. They called out her name but she didn't answer so Art kicked the door open. They found a man having intercourse with their daughter and threw him out. But the horrifying twist was that Jodine had been strangled to death while the parents were waiting for the strange man to get dressed. He was never caught.

Antonio Saldivar

Antonio-Saldivar-missing-kid-teddy-bear-car-crash Credit

On Valentine's Day in 2014, 17-year-old Antonio took his mom's car to visit his girlfriend and give her a teddy bear. But he missed his curfew and didn't respond to his mother's frantic calls or texts until 4 in the morning. Half an hour later, he crashed the vehicle into a concrete pillar and vanished. On February 27th, his body was found under a dock in the Houston Ship Channel. Antonio never arrived at his girlfriend's house. Investigators still don't know what happened or how his body ended up by the scrap metal plant, which was not easily accessible.