This One-Eyed Cat Proves
By Surfing and Swimming
Like a Pro

If you own a cat then you know that bath time is a nightmare! But this adorable fur ball is unlike other felines! He actually loves to go swimming and surfing … and in Hawaii of all places! Check out this incredibly cool feline who isn't afraid to hit some major waves!

Meet Kuli

Kuli-life-jacket-sitting-dry-land-one-eye Credit

Kuli is unlike the average house cat and we're not just talking about his fondness for water either. His left eye was removed after it had become severely infected. But that hasn't impaired him from enjoying life to the fullest.

From Malnourished To Riding Waves

Kuli-wet-surfboard-floating-water-sun Credit

Looking at these photos you'd hardly believe that Kuli started out life being homeless and malnourished. He weighed only one pound when he was rescued. Since he was only a tiny kitten at the time, his owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton bathed him during his recovery period and became accustomed to the water.

 Born To Swim

Kuli-swimming-water-life-jacket Credit

When his owners first placed Kuli in the water he floated towards the surfboard and from that point on the quest to find some cool waves to surf began. But for those of you who are worried about his safety, don't be. They make sure to place a life jacket on him whenever the waves are too turbulent just in case.

A Board For Kuli

Hawaii-Kuli-one-eyed-cat-surfboard-edge Credit

Alexandra and Krista eventually bought a board that was appropriate in size for their cat. Over time, he has grown more and more confident of his surfing skills and the water. But of course if the waters are too rough and the air too windy, Kuli gets to stay on dry land.

A Special Breed

Kuli-owner-swimming-together-surfboard-people-watching Credit

Kuli is a Turkish Van, which is a breed of cats that are actually super comfortable in the water. So this adorable kitten didn't simply get used to the water from bathing. It's literally in his blood.

Surf's Up Dude!

Kuli-surfing-owner-water-paws-over-surfboard Credit

He likely loves the water because it helps him cool off in the warm climate of Honolulu, Hawaii. We're willing to bet that swimming and surfing is the equivalent of pure cat bliss for Kuli.

Life's A Wave

Kuli-cat-surfing-wave Credit

What an amazing kitty! He probably swims as good as most humans (at least better than us) and he surfs like a pro (while we can't even balance ourselves on a surfboard).

If In Doubt, Paddle Out

Kuli-surfing-cat-board-floating-comfortably Credit

Kuli is a year and a half now and has fully integrated into the surfing lifestyle of his owners. As for people who claim that the cat is terrified and trying to swim to shore, we'd like to point out that a terrified kitty would be clawed to their surfboard or owner in fear. This is one kitty who was born to surf!