These Martial Arts Are SO
BIZARRE, But You'll Love
Them Because They Are

Most modern teachings of martial arts often teach virtues like honor and discipline. But some forms of martial arts have brutal and often deadly fighting techniques that are just too gruesome for a training center.


Kalaripayattu-martial-arts-technique Credit

Considered one of the oldest fighting techniques, this method began in Kerala, a southern Indian State. Many claim that it was founded by Vishnu, the Hindu God. This martial art involves hitting one of the 108 nerve points in their opponent's body, which will automatically leave them paralyzed or dead. Some techniques also involve the use of hands only but the endgame and consequences are the same.


Lerdrit-Muay-Thai-style-martial-arts Credit

Using principles similar to Muay Thai, Lerdrit fighters attack silently and without warning, making it easier to take down their confused opponent. The areas generally targeted are the temples and throat which you can strike with your feet or elbow. You'd also use your knees and elbows to deflect any strikes your enemy dishes out. Since it was originally used by the Thai Royal Army, you can understand why the techniques were based on life and death tactics.


Bokator-fighting-martial-arts Credit

Bokator goes back as far as 1,700 years ago and was widely used in the Indochina battlefields by the Angkor armies. This Cambodian fighting technique involves mannerisms and movements similar to lions, snakes, cranes, eagles and other animals. Fighters have over 10,000 complex techniques to choose from that include joint locks and knee strikes that can force an opponent into submission … or worse.

Jailhouse Rock

guy-cap-holding-prison-bars Credit

This fighting technique was developed in the United States prison system but some inmates see it more like a game than anything else. It involves scattering a deck of cards all over the floor and players are told to pick them up while getting the crap beaten out of them by three or more inmates. But what do you expect when you're serving a 10-year (or a life) sentence?

Rough And Tumble

Rough-Tumble-martial-arts-technique Credit

It began in the 18th century in the southern region of the United States. The main concept of this form of martial arts involves maiming and killing. Since there are no rules, a fighter was even able to hit, bite or even rip off an opponent's body parts, including their genitals.


Dambe-boxing-martial-arts-fighting Credit

This form of Martial Arts originated in West Africa and was commonly used by the Hausa people. The hand and arm the fighter uses to strike with gets wrapped in a thick cord. One of their legs also gets wrapped in a thick chain and then this ancient form of martial arts boxing can begin.


Bakom-fighting-ancient-form-woman-attacker Credit

It originated in Lima, Peru in the 80s thanks to an ex-con/Marine named Roberto Bezada. This vicious fighting style included everything from chokeholds to arm locks intended to eventually snap bones. Some strikes were even intended to damage vital organs. Techniques also included the use of hidden weapons to ensure victory and death for an opponent.