The Bark N Borrow App is
Basically Tinder For DOGS!

Okay so it's not exactly a romantic date but more of a playdate. The app gives dog lovers the chance to spend some quality time with other people's dogs … part-time!

The Dog-Themed Tinder

cute-dog-typing-laptopCredit Think of it as Tinder for dogs except it matches cute and adorable local dogs with people who have the time to offer lots of love and attention.

Bark N Borrow

Bark-N-Borrow-dog-appCredit Even the name of the app is adorable and it provides you with a profile full of info like the gender, the size, the breed, and behavior of the dog like whether they are super lazy, active or temperamental. So you know what you're getting in advance.

Temp Owner Profile

sad-cute-dog-being-heldCredit As a temp owner/sitter, you have to fill out a profile too, which includes info like the type of dogs you like, why you prefer temporary dog love and not a permanent one and of course a background check that rules you out from being the next Cruella De Vil.

Professional Pet-Sitting

Bark-N-Borrow-t-shirts-man-woman-black-dogCredit Aside from dog borrowing, the app also offers professional pet-sitting services, meaning that dog-walkers that are looking to earn some real cash can sign-up as well.

The Part-Time Dedication

woman-smiling-running-white-dogCredit Most of us love dogs but due to a hectic schedule or apartment contract rules we can't always own one ourselves. So Bark N Borrow as well as other apps like DogVacay and Rover serve as a means of helping people find their perfect temp pup.

The Priceless Experience

woman-holding-two-dogs-handsCredit With the exception of those offering professional sitting services, borrowers will get to spend time bonding with a lovely puppy in lieu of actual monetary compensation.

What It's Geared Towards

happy-dog-opened-mouth-sittingCredit This app allows dog owners to place their beloved pets in the hands of an animal lover that will look after them for a weekend or a couple of days in lieu of paying to have them in a less comfortable dog kennel.

The Perfect System

white-dog-tiny-sitting-open-doorCredit Bark N Borrow is perfect for those with major commitments 24/7 and can't take their dogs for a walk every day. It's the next best thing to you actually being there.