The Selfie Game is Strong
On This Cat Who Takes
Better Photos Than Humans

Manny the cat will knock your socks off when you see some of the amazing selfies he has taken. That's right! According to the owner of the Instagram page, he reached out to touch the camera during a shoot and has become obsessed with taking selfies ever since. His face is simply hilarious!

My Good Side

cat-selfie-taking-photo-side-shot Credit

Manny has totally figured out his good side, which is important to know when you're a selfie-taking cat who wants to take social media by storm. And boy did the Internet love him!

The Feline Photobomber

Manny-cat-taking-selfie-with-dumbfounded-dogs Credit

The dogs in the background look absolutely dumbfounded as Manny photobombs their otherwise perfect doggie shot. That's what you all get for hating cats and chasing them around the yard.

Sticking His Tongue Out

Manny-cat-sticking-tongue-out-taking-selfie Credit

He's so funny and human-like. It's almost like he's saying, "Okay, guys! I almost have it! Get ready because the timer is set for 5 seconds!" He's so sweet he might give you diabetes.

 Bed Of Grass

Manny-cat-selfie-bed-grass Credit

It looks like Manny is taking an afternoon nap on a bed of grass. Now this is heaven on Earth. No doubt about it. Hey Manny! Is there enough room for one more?

Ready For The Holidays

Manny-Santa-hat-cat-festive Credit

Manny loves getting festive during the holiday season … or maybe he's secretly the cat version of Santa Claus! Hey! You never know! Either way, we love it! Now where are our presents?!

The Feline Messiah

Manny-cat-breaking-through-snow Credit

This selfie feels so playful and aloof. He's a cat that enjoys many earthly freedoms. Keep it up, beautiful Manny!

Friendly In The Snow

Manny-cat-wearing-hat-dog-multi-colored-beanie-hat Credit

Manny is literally the cat in the hat with that gigantic thing protecting his tiny little head from the chilly snow. This selfie is cute. It looks like the dog is getting ready to give him a kiss.

 Powerball Winner

Manny-cat-holding-power-ball-ticket Credit

Hooray! Manny's the luckiest cat on the planet. We can only imagine what he's going to blow all his money on now that he's won Powerball. Maybe some really good catnip and a few thousand tuna cans?

Don't Turn Around

Manny-cat-selfie-rottweiler-behind-him Credit

"He's right behind me. Isn't he?" That's probably what Manny the cat is thinking in this photo. Sorry boo but there really is a huge mean looking rottweiler. If this were a video it would be the Blair Witch Project with cats.