These Weird Humans Went
Missing ... ON PURPOSE!

When people vanish we often assume foul play was a major factor. But the last thing we expect is for those missing to actually be the ones responsible for their own disappearance. What were they thinking?

Staging Her Death

Christina-Davison-found-alive-faked-murder Credit

In 2014, Christina Davison vanished and all signs pointed to her ex-hubby Craig, who had assaulted her 3 months earlier. 9 months later, Christina turned up at a Red State BBQ in Kentucky when a traffic stop revealed that she had been declared missing and was even wanted in Texas for drug possession. It was believed that she faked her own death to escape her abusive ex and avoid jail.

The Angry Girl

Xiao-Yun-Chinese-woman-presumed-dead Credit

14-year old Xiao Yun in Hangzhou, China ran away in 2005 after a fight with her parents. Her folks assumed the worst. But in 2015, cops found a woman with Xiao Yun's ID, which they initially thought she'd stolen. But later they learned that it was her. She spent years making money by teaching gamers how to play CrossFire and doing odd jobs here and there. She has since been reunited with her folks.

The Convenient Amnesiac

Winston-Bright-NY-amnesiac-declared-dead Credit

In 1990, Winston Bright vanished. The NYPD, his wife, and three kids assumed he was dead. But he was in San Diego with no ID and allegedly no memory. But he had enough sense to change his name to Kwame Seku, get a GED and become a certified teacher who worked at a San Diego Public School for almost 20 years. His memory returned when he went to collect the pension that had already gone to his wife and kids.

Crocodile Food

Kenneth-Rodman-tourist-walking-horse-sand-beach Credit

In 2010, Kenneth Rodman was allegedly killed in Australia when his kayak capsized in crocodile-infested waters. 5 years later, Senior Sergeant Ed Lukin who had investigated the disappearance, apprehended a man he thought was a robbery suspect only to find out that it was Rodman. Given that he owed almost $50k in child support, it's safe to assume that this was the reason he faked his own death.

The Mom Of Two Who Hated Her Life

Brenda-Heist-Lititz-Borough-Pennsylvania-missing Credit

In 2002, Brenda Heist of Lititz Borough, Pennsylvania vanished after dropping her kids off at school. Everyone assumed her soon-to-be ex-husband Lee Heist was involved. In 2013, Brenda appeared in Florida. She had worked odd jobs and gotten arrested several times for drugs and using false IDs. She ended up homeless which prompted her to reveal her true identity. Her family was clearly pissed!

The Runaway Doc

field-baby-mushrooms-white-gray Credit

Dr. Carlos Sanchez Ortiz de Salazar from Seville, Spain sought solitude in 1996 while suffering from major depression. After years of searching, his family presumed him dead. But in 2015, two Italian mushroom pickers and a forest ranger found him in a tent, filthy and fully bearded. Since his hideout was blown he ran away much to the dismay of his parents who went to Italy looking for him.

Brokeback Real Estate Agent

Eric-Myers-lover-taking-photos-mountain Credit

Real estate agent Eric Myers of Arizona went to a seminar in San Diego in 1991 and vanished. He was presumed dead and left behind a wife and 5 kids. In 2007, his loved ones learned that he had been robbed during the seminar and instead of coming home he went to Mexico where he fell in love with a man. They changed their names and traveled the world. But he came back because he missed his family.

A Brand New Life

reset-button-red-press Credit

In 1976, mathematician and computer scientist Dennis Rarick left his dad a disturbing message saying, "I'm going on the kind of a trip where you never come back." Then he ditched his car and ID and vanished. His friends and family assumed he was dead. But he actually created a new identity as Leonard Cohn and even married a woman named Martha Weaver. Eventually he told the truth.