Checks Might Make You
Afraid To Fly

Some people are afraid of the imminent danger that flying represents. But they should really be more frightened of the horribly intimate groping they'll be getting courtesy of the TSA agents that know how to get up close and personal. 

Checking Your Drawers


Before you board the plane expect a thorough checking from TSA agents like this lady is getting. Security will even go as far as checking your drawers. Now that's one way to see if she's hiding anything where the sun don't shine.

Take It Off


This poor elderly woman thought her days of taking off her blouse in front of another human being were far behind her and boy! Was she mistaken!



Goodness! If you're going to go this far at least buy the guy dinner first. I mean, you barely know each other.

Brokeback TSA


This TSA agent is going down but he sure isn't proposing. We'll bet the poor passenger is probably hoping that his wife isn't seeing this.

Crotch Check


Until today, this man probably thought that getting a prostate exam from his doctor was the most invasive thing he'd have to go through. We don't know how to say this, but you were so wrong.

Boots For Inspection


Everyone goes barefoot during a TSA check. Even celebrities like Reese Witherspoon isn't spared the embarrassment. You might as well go in flip-flops.

Groping The Disabled


TSA agents don't care if you're old or disabled. You're getting groped and humiliated in front of others until they're convinced that you aren't carrying anything dangerous.

Feel My Muscles


They're supposed to check to see if you're hiding anything not have a field day touching your muscles. This agent seems to be enjoying this way too much.

Personal Bubble


Oh don't mind me I'm just checking for breast cancer and kind of loving my work.

Probing Mini-Me


Poor Verne Troyer! The actor that portrayed Mini-Me in Austin Powers is getting inappropriately probed. And for what? Does TSA actually believe that someone that small can carry an explosive inside of him?